A Brief Guide to St Austell

The town of St Austell is very popular among tourists for a number of reasons. One of the least thought that the city is quite easy to reach, easier than many places in Cornwall. It's just a little further away from the A30, a major highway that runs through Cornwall, and is well connected by buses and trains. Most people do not take into account how easy it is to reach a destination until they have found everything else in place, and then discover that it requires a five-day trip through three ice-covered mountains and lava of a volcano that spits at your fingertips. You can be sure that St Austell does not require these expeditions, and in a place accessible by train, car or plane.

Once you're in the city there are plenty of things to do and places to visit. The most obvious is the world famous Eden Project, which is open all year round and runs a lot of seasonal events such as ice skating in winter, and Halloween pumpkin carving festival summer ale, ie There is always something worth seeing. In the area there is also the Lost Gardens of Heligan, which were a kind of precursor of the Eden Project, and were the focus of a television series about its restoration. The popularity of the Eden Project has even bled into other businesses in the area, with a beer that share the name of the attraction that sell for a brewery in Cornwall. Even worked with the people who run the project to ensure that the beer was produced in such a way that had a low environmental impact.

Another attraction that is open to visitors is one of the other breweries in Cornwall, St Austell Brewery. It shows how the process of brewing has developed since the Victorian era than it is today, and ends with the opportunity to have a meal, while enjoying some of the beers produced in the brewery.

The beaches also attract many people, as is the case with many towns of Cornwall, St Austell but has one last trick up his sleeve the China Clay Country Park. It is a disused clay pit which details how the clay industry affected the lives of everyone in the area.