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They call it the boob tube. Those who sit and watch for hours are called couch potatoes. When our children plunk in front of it, becomes our nanny. We have so many derogatory names for it, but television has been a major source of entertainment for people over 50 years. There must be a reason, or even several. Well, instead of taking you through a long boring story of television (such as who invented it) that we will show why it has become one of the greatest and most enduring entertainment today. How By doing a little way memory dance over the centuries. The following are just some of the many millions of TV's memorable moments that have made the medium is so important in our lives.

You can literally just put your hand into a hat and pick a time. That's what you get. TV Guide, probably the most popular TV magazines of all time, published a list of your best moments of television 100. And even after printing, dozens of people wrote to complain about all the great moments that were left out. Who could blame them Of course I could not fault TV Guide a few Too many to choose from.

Need for a small sample

What about November 22, 1963 Everyone knows where they were on that day if they were walking this planet. For many, it was watching I Love Lucy and suddenly interrupted his show to discover that President John F. Kennedy had just been shot in Dallas. We followed the course of that day and the days until I finally saw a club owner named Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald, right in front of our eyes. In the world of television, this was one of the most surreal moments of television history.

What about the episode of the situation comedies of all time, All in the Family where Archie Sammy Davis Jr. paid a visit You have the opportunity to see what a true fan is Archie and end when you take a picture with Archie, kisses on the cheek as the picture is taken. This is a moment that will be remembered as one of the best and funniest of all time.

What about how they were glued to your set on August 29, 1967, when after four seasons of being in the race, Richard Kimball finally reaches the sole gunman who killed his wife Did you know that over 30 million people tuned in to watch this saga will finally come to an end. The Fugitive was one of the main terminals of any program ever. So great that a movie was made on the basis of the entire series.

We could go on and on and on. The list of great television moments is so long as the day and then some. The few examples above are just a handful. And in the coming years, there will be times larger to add to this list.