Glass-free 3D TV - The future of television

Have you ever heard of three-dimensional television (3D TV) According to Philips, which will hit your living room without late 2010. But no mistake, this advanced 3D TV is capable of showing stereoscopic 3D realistic images without using the glasses funny. Following the latest trend in high definition in recent years, started hype from flat screen

Plasma, LCD LED. I think 3D TV will become a new step in the television market. In fact the latter technology has been available in the market for some time, but the TV before, it still requires users to wear special glasses for stereoscopic processing. If not used, opportunity dizzy easily. And I guess most of you hate to wear glasses that horrible, right

The major manufacturers like Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips (WOWvx) have submitted their demo 3D TV to the public. And so far all the impressions received are phenomenal. You will not believe it! Everything is like jumping from the TV, you will not mind if you are watching TV. You can feel all the sensations like you are actually jumping, running, falling and all that out in the cinema. Of course, you do not feel some pain. It's only 3D effects to fool the eye, making you feel the depth in a film. On the other hand, you can experience this feeling not only films but also in games and sports broadcasts. Now you can find some ready 3D movies out there Monsters vs. Aliens, UP, Ice Age 3, Journey to the Center of the Earth, My Bloody Valentine and many more.

Despite all the promising features it offers, this latest development still has some limitations. An obstacle to the 3D TV has to do with the high cost of production of the filming of movies and events from a 3D video requires multiple cameras for filming. In addition, regular emissions standard definition TV and ability to consume more bandwidth than other types of traffic such as audio or text. HD video has to eat more. And it will probably take at least two high-definition channels to broadcast live a single game in 3D. After all, 3D movies with full HD quality is a must for every movie-mad, it's too hard to resist. And I'm sure TV in 3D without glasses will be the future of television. What do you think