A Traveler's Guide - Hong Kong

Hong Kong is widely known for its large, good-looking shopping malls, open markets and stores in streets everywhere. The market street is a favorite of many of its businesses in all articles of jewelry jeans. Hong Kong not only provides a great shopping experience, but also has much to offer in terms of family attractions. Hong Kong's government said his visit to this city is comfortable and worthwhile. Therefore, if you choose this old English colony for your vacation, you will not be disappointed. Some of the sites in Hong Kong do not want to miss are listed below.

The local Institute of Architecture offers a tour package that takes you to downtown and gives you the opportunity to visit some important buildings. It helps you learn about the city and its history. It lasts about three hours.

The Man Mo Temple is an ancient one has to do in the city, near the road to Hollywood. Man is the god of ancient literature and 'Mo' is the god of martial arts fine. The statues of the deities are found within this temple. The statue of the man has a calligraphy brush while Mo holds a sword in his hand. One of the oldest temples, as it was built in 1848. The interior of this temple is full of smoke from the incense burned by the devotees. Without doubt, the beauty of this temple is impressive.

Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong and is covered by forests. It is a good place to stroll. The largest Buddhist monastery located in the mountain attracts many visitors here. If you are able to crawl up to 260 steps, you can reach 100 feet statue of Buddha sitting. It also offers a magnificent view of the nearby slopes here. Simple Treats are offered to tourists.

Aberdeen is another port to see the site, known to many through films and television programs. Fishing junks and seafood restaurants always present are a must. A ride on a wooden sampan, a Chinese ship type will make your trip tail. Giant floating restaurants are the best choices with the experience of the delicious seafood bites and other Chinese specialties.

Dim sum, the special Chinese dish should be tested before leaving. Hong Kong City Hall Restaurant serves Dim sum you the more traditional way.

Make sure you take some time for shopping while in this city. Shopping malls, designer stores, or even the street markets would be excellent places to visit. Everywhere are tourists from around the world. Tsim Sha Tsui, is the best place for those on a short trip, since it has all the important elements to offer. Entertainment and traditional attractions are available in this quarter.

The Art Museum is a favorite for those who want to know about ancient Chinese history. It has a large collection of 14,000 specimens of prehistoric China. This museum preserves the artistic heritage of ancient calligraphy and Chinese.

There is a museum space, which is near the Museum of Art. Which houses numerous classical concerts throughout the year.

A large theme park and entertainment center is in the southwest of Hong Kong. This is an excellent entertainment center called Ocean Park. It has a butterfly park, amusement rides, shows, naval and much more to offer. Middle Kingdom, a program of course is another attraction here, which gives you another opportunity to become familiar with the history of China. The water in the world offers artificial streams, pools and many other fun activities in the water.