A guide for parents to help teen girls lose weight

Today, a growing number of overweight adolescents who are at risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes as well as having a negative self-image of themselves, will continue as they grow up adulthood.

However, the good news is that parents can help teach these teens to have healthy behaviors, eating habits and participate in physical activities to help you lose weight.

However, it is advised that any weight loss program for your teen should be attempted only with medical approval. The best course of action is to do it gradually and avoid a drastic weight reduction.

The four steps are some ideas on how to help your teen lose weight.

1. Evaluate the health of your child

Before you begin making changes in the life of your teenager, take note of what his home life is like. If allowed to be sedentary and eat more often, you should address these areas of your life first.

If you find that your teen is spending too much time watching television or computer, try to halve this.

Make a rule that all food (including snacks) can only be eaten in the kitchen or dining room. Such small changes have been shown to significantly reduce the amount of more than eating at home.

Then you must stock up your fridge with snacks of high nutritional value such as fruits and vegetables.

2. Do not embarrass your child to lose weight

Overweight teenager knows that overweight. But what she does not know is how to achieve a normal weight. Definitely it will be comforting to know that your love, if she is fat, thin or normal.

To master the art of keeping your teen self-esteem while helping to lose weight can be difficult. Any parent must learn to give time and we believe that the lessons they teach one day come to fruition.

3. Participate in physical activities with family

This is a great way to break the monotony of life that many families lead. When planning physical activities, like walking or biking, which involve the entire family, not only help your teen lose weight, but also serve as a great opportunity for parents and child communication.

4. How to encourage the right kind of behavior your teen

The best way to help your teen lose weight is through your own behavior. Teens often than adults, rather than what you tell them.

For example, should not ask your child to turn off the TV or stop using the computer when you spend many hours surfing the net. Nor should it restrict the foods you eat, while you do not see what you are eating.

When you can achieve the above four steps, you should be able to help your teen lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. And if done with love and encouragement, the end result will be worth the effort.