Your Guide To The UN55C8000 Samsung 3D HD TV

Well it seems that 3D is here to stay. Avatar started the ball rolling and almost every film since has joined the bandwagon. The obvious next step was for 3D TVs are available and they did - just a few months after the 3D craze began. 3D home early attempts were prone to some errors. Samsung has been leading the way in filing errors and UN55C8000 Samsung is one of the best 3D TV is unique in the market right now.

What I like about this TV in particular is that Samsung has been full of features - you get a lot of TV for the price you are paying.

First is the screen size - 55 inches to see the sky. Can you imagine what his favorite movie is going to look like a 55-inch screen Or the next game Above all is the LED screen that you are getting very high resolution, color depth and tone. This TV looks good even when switched off - the screen is a very deep black which looks just as impressive just sitting there.

Another great feature is the built-in media player. That's right - not even need to use a separate media player to enjoy all your favorite movies, music and digital photos. Just connect the USB disk directly to the TV and go.

Result has a Full HD 1080p with this TV and the sound is served by two 15-watt stereo speakers. The screen itself is illuminated by the edges. Some people have complained about this, but seem to be a very small minority.

Finish wise you get a brushed titanium case on this TV, which may put some people off, but at least is neutral so it will not conflict with your current decorating scheme of your home - a metal finish to match almost anything.

If you want to enjoy the big screen experience at home, but not burning through the electricity, then this TV is ideal for you - it uses 50% less than they need to get the Energy Star rating - Yes, it's really good.

Of course this is a 3D TV and is one of the greatest features, but just do not forget that to enjoy the 3D experience that will need a 3D TV, a Blu-ray and 3D glasses 3D - Ideally, all of the same brand so there is no compatibility issues in the future.