A Woman's Guide to the makeup of the video and TV appearances

Makeup and credibility

How you present yourself in a video can help establish yourself as an expert in trust and credibility. Believe it or not, the right makeup can help you achieve that result.

In rare cases, you can have a professional makeup stylist to help you, for example, if you are appearing on television. But for most of us, we're on our own when applying makeup is right for the video. So for your next project on YouTube, here are some makeup tips important.

Why is important to make videos

For starters, understand the purpose of makeup video. Makeup, in this case, it is more attractive than you are, but to correct the distortion caused by the video and lights. The camera delves beyond its actual depth contours, the ages of your face, magnifies the defects affect the color and layers of ten pounds! The careful application of makeup is essential, because it actually helps to correct what the camera error. Many men also need a little dust for a better look on TV or video.

Look your best on Video

Start with a good basis

Today's high-definition digital video shows every crease and imperfection in the face and neck. Light makeup to even - but not heavy - coverage is essential.

Chances are your foundation every day is not suitable for video. Foundations with SPF or reflective properties of light can make your skin look pale under the lights.

Instead of using conventional foundation, consider investing in a new bottle of foundation or powder color and cosmetics that are specially designed for high-definition video (you might not want to wear this every day). Prices range from $ 5 to $ 75, and there are some Try Me states that are a good value. Apply the base with a disposable foam sponge. Kill him first help your soft makeup evenly over the skin, stay.

In addition to the foundation, concealer and powder will match your skin. Dust set the makeup on your face and will also cover exposed skin, such as the throat and ears. Use a synthetic brush to apply concealer. Consider buying a second bottle of the foundation in a tone of deepest foundation under the chin contour.

Bring your eyes

In the videos they produce for clients, I like close-ups, because the eyes and mouth both disseminate information. However, under bright lights, the eyes may appear diminished. In addition to coating and mascara, take the time to fill in brows with an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of your eyebrows, not the hair. If you have your eyebrows waxed professionally or not programming that appointment immediately before video. A quick clips of the film the day is fine.

Matte eye shadow Choose light, neutral tones. The bright lights flashing in the formulas reflect the frost.

Define your mouth

Lipstick is essential, but choosing the right of the Reds. A red lipstick a shade too cold can look purple in television or film. The best option is a natural color of lips creamy or matte formula (avoid freezing). Match the lip liner, if you use it, inside of his lip. I like all the enduring power of lip color formulations days.

Most experts say avoid lip gloss for the video. However, I think a light application of clear gloss or Vaseline captures the light and draw attention to the mouth. It also helps us to speak well and helps prevent mouth noises. Men can apply lip balm.