Satellite TV Service - Digital Satellite Television Buying Guide

Before you shop for satellite television service, there are
a couple key factors that can save you time, and a whole lot
of money. If you're searching for the best satellite TV
service deal, you can narrow your search down to only two
providers which are DirecTV and Dish Network.

I know there are many satellite TV retailers you can shop
from online, but one thing many people tend to overlook is
the fact that direct deals of either Dish Network or DirecTV
will always be the same, while special incentives or
promotional offers may vary between retailers.

You can think of DirecTV or Dish Network as satellite TV
service providers, while those companies who sell Dish
Network and DirecTV as satellite TV retailers. Not many
retailers offer additional satellite TV deals other than
what is offered by the satellite providers themselves.

Unless you are looking for an extra freebie offered by a
retailer, that isn't offered by Dish Network or DirecTV, you
are pretty much wasting your time. Only a couple of
satellite TV retailers offer such extras like a free iPod or
home theater system. These days, those additional offers are

The main thing to keep in mind when shopping for satellite
TV is the bottom line package deal and promotions
offered directly from the source or satellite television
provider. Promotional offers for satellite TV are nice, but
you may want to consider the cost of service after the
promotional period is up.

The cheapest satellite TV service by far is Dish Network.
Dish Network's current promotional offer, which is subject
to change at anytime, allows you to purchase a programming
package for the price of the next lowest package price for
ten months, and packages like America's top 60 only go up
ten dollars after the promotion.

DirecTV's cheapest programming package is more than double
the price of Dish Network's America's top 60 at the
promotional rate, and about fifteen dollars more at regular
price, but also provides more than double the channels.
Adding more channels to your lineup tends to be slightly
cheaper with Dish Network too.

Another factor to consider when ordering satellite TV
service is the hardware or satellite TV equipment. While
both DirecTV and Dish Network offer free DVR and HDTV
receiver upgrades, most Dish Network retailers bring the
equipment with them at the scheduled installation time,
while most DirecTV retailers ship the equipment and the
installer shows up later.

Some DirecTV retailers offer free shipping after a mail-in
rebate, but Dish Network retailers often have no shipping
charge at all. Ordering from DirecTV can sometimes lead to
shipping fees and possible complications during
installation, which most Dish Network retailers seem to
avoid by bringing the equipment with them.

You'll need to have good credit to get free receivers from
both DirecTV and Dish Network; However those with bad credit
can still get satellite television service with Dish Network
by paying 150 dollars for a receiver which powers two rooms
or 200 dollars for two satellite TV receivers which is
normally refunded in increments of 5 dollars.

Both Dish Network and DirecTV offer local channels for an
additional 3 to 5 dollars plus pay per view or premium movie
packages as add ons to your basic satellite TV programming
package. While HDTV receivers are provided by both companies
as a free upgrade, both charge extra for HD programming.

In closing, just remember there is no difference in
satellite TV deals from the providers themselves, only the
retailers. Save yourself some time and a headache by finding
out what the Dish Network and DirecTV bottom line deals are,
then go ahead and look for extra freebies from other
satellite TV retailers.